Who we are?

Virginia García and Associates

Who we areVirginia García, is a chartered legal and forensic psychologist and Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona lecturing undergraduate courses, as well as several other graduate programs. Co-founder of the Masters Degree in Criminal Investigation (UB), Postgraduate studies in Criminal Investigative Analysis and Investigative Psychology (UB), Advanced Techniques in Criminal Investigative Analysis (UB) and Forensic Criminology as well as other continuous and advanced graduate courses: Psychopathic Personality and Violent Crimes, Introduction to Criminal Investigative Analysis, among others. Founder of the Center for Investigative Psychology and Criminal Investigation is currently dedicated to the scientific research of violent behavior from an applied multidisciplinary perspective.


Forentic TrainingForentic Training, is born from the union of several generations of students and teachers sharing a common goal.

The members of FORENTIC's team believe that objectivity, information, scientific rigor, a multidisciplinary framework, specialization, courage, willpower, and the desire to learn are what make us strive and succeed.

Those are the elements from which great projects are born.

Forentic TrainingForentic Training, is born from the union of forensic sciences and the new technologies. We are committed to a critical and objective education of the highest quality.

Our accomplishments and successes are the result of our teamwork, professionalism and objectivity.

Distance learning does not need to be impersonal, so we are proud of the personalized attention and direct service we offer our students.

Forentic TrainingForentic Training, is presented as an idea that arises from our need to learn to think and decide for ourselves, to reason and to develop our own criteria after thoroughly studying all options.

We are constantly retraining in order to offer our students the latest advances both on a national and international level. We are always incorporating new techniques and acquiring new knowledge, ensuring we offer the best to our students.



Forentic TrainingSome of our main goals are to broaden our scientific horizons, create decent and unique jobs and unique opportunities for our students based on self-improvement, effort and training. In FORENTIC TRAINING we believe that education should be directly related to the highest standards and ethical practices. We understand that there is a high level of competition as well as the high level of preparation required, increasingly, in the professional world.

However, in FORENTIC we do not forget the importance of the human dimension, which makes every student special. We are proud to be known by our values, accepting all kinds of constructive criticism by either our collegues or students. We use it to move forward, grow and become better.



Forentic TrainingIn FORENTIC educarion is one of the main pillars of our activities. Continuous quality training is essential for personal development and professional growth; therefore, we employ experts with extensive teaching and professional experience in order to provide our students with the highest quality educational services.

In FORENTIC our students are the main priority; that is the reason why we design our courses and training programs within an innovative and specialized environment that allow for our clients to obtain the maximum benefit from our training services. We employ the latest and most efficient techniques to work within the most scientifically rigorous, objective and professional framework.

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