Forentic ServicesForentic offers consulting services across the entire forensic spectrum with unbiased professionalism and integrity, offering our customers a unique and comprehensive consultancy service for a wide range of forensic casework, including evaluations in criminal cases, civil matters and parenting cases.

Our team consists of specialists in legal, criminal and forensic psychology, law, medicine, criminology and criminalistics, among others. We have complementary skills and areas of expertise that allow for a comprehensive analysis of each case.


Areas of specializationAreas of specialization

  • False allegations (sexual assault and sexual abuse, etc.)
  • Crimes against persons (homicide, murder, injuries, etc.)
  • Sexual crimes (sexual assault, child sexual abuse, child pornography and grooming).
  • Witness testimony, credibility, and simulation.
  • Forensic Psycholinguistics.
  • Criminal Investigative Analysis and Investigative Psychology.
  • Military Court.


  • Court-related evaluations.
  • Competence to Stand Trial.
  • Personality and Psychological Assessment.
  • Cognitive and volitional capacities.
  • Dangerousness/Violence Risk Assessment.
  • Detection of simulation.
  • Liability.
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship Evaluation.
  • Witness credibility.

ConsultingConsulting and forensic comprehensive legal advice

  • Case review
  • Trial preparation
  • Client support
  • Jury selection
  • Depositions