About usIn Forentic we understand people and their needs. We understand the market. We understand technology. We understand innovation. We believe in our people, we believe in teamwork.

In Forentic we are committed to providing the highest level of services to our clients through six principles that govern our company: commitment, transparency, leadership, innovation, determination and teamwork.



In Forentic our clients mean everything to us. We do not surrender to adversity, seeking new ways to address and overcome them.

We see adversities as opportunities to improve our services.


In Forentic we work according to the highest ethical standards.

Privacy of our clients and partners is one of our main priorities.

Our work is not influenced by monetary issues or conflict of interests. We are proud to work according to our values, with and for the people who understand and share them.


We are a highly specialized and constantly evolving professional multidisciplinary team.

Our structure allows for the growth and the development of opportunities for all of our employees as well as for the continuous improvement in customer service, quality and developments.


We combine innovation, personality and common sense in a way that stimulates our clients and colleagues.

We adapt to the new technologies and social changes while maintaining the highest level of excellence.


In Forentic we do not take shortcuts, we take our work seriously. We strive to deliver exceptional forensic solutions to our clients combining traditional forensic expertise with new approaches helping legal authorities, lawyers and individual clients.

We are proud to work with responsible partners, governed by Forentic's principles: transparency, honesty and integrity.


We love what we do. We are proud of the human dimension of our team, listening to our clients, treating them in a genuine manner.

Our clients and partners are the essence of Forentic.